Ruling on Ngorongoro Maasai land dispute postponed until September, EACJ

The ruling from the East African Court of Justice to determine ownership over the disputed land was expected today but has been postponed until September. The case was filed in 2017 by people from four of the 14 villages in Loliondo. In 2018, the court issued interim orders blocking the government from taking any action on the land until it made a ruling on the case.

Notice of Date of Delivery of Judgement by EACJ, Arusha Tanzania

The Tanzanian government is accused of violently seizing 1,500 sq km (580 sq miles) of land in Loliondo in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro district. On June 10, a violent clash broke out after government surveyors and security forces began to demarcate 1,500 square kilometers of land that would be used for trophy hunting and tourism by the United Arab Emirates-based Otterlo Business Corporation — a game hunting company that has been licensed in Loliondo since 1992.

Tanzania’s government has denied the use of violence and excessive force by police as it maintains that it is only repurposing 1,500 sq km of the land for conservation while leaving the rest to the Maasai people.

Photo: A Maasai man in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro region | Credit – BBC