What We Do

Conservation and Community Land

We EMPOWER indigenous peoples and local communities to legally own their ancestral lands under formal title as provided for by the Community Land Act 2016…..

Responsible Investment on Community Land

It translates to international guidelines and best practices for responsible investment on community land…

Policy and Advocacy

Provides an overview of the community land protection process, the role of grassroots legal advocates, and resulting positive impacts….


An effective governance structure that is lean, simple and straightforward. 


  • Provide a platform for IPLCs from all over Kenya to meet, brainstorm and share experiences for increased shared awareness, knowledge and solidarity to meet the challenges associated with securing their lands.
  • Collaborate, work and liaise with individuals and organizations for technical, financial and material support in achieving its objectives.  
  • Ensure entrenchment of Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) as a standard practice in processes of governance and management of community land and natural resources.
  • Serve as a platform for engagement and advocacy with state and non-state actors, in particular for fast and fair implementation of the Community Land Act, 2016.